We all love the summer, those long sunny days and warm evenings. It feels great to be outside during these months, but you can also bring the summer into your home even when the season is long over.

Summer is  all about fresh, crisp whites and those beautiful bold brights!

Recreate a summer feel: Its all about fresh, crisp whites and those beautiful bold brights!

You can recreate a summer feel by making your rooms lighter and brighter. Flowers are one way of bringing the season into your home. Light colours make us think of summer, so switch out your dark pillows and throws for lighter shades. You can also paint your rooms a light colour to create a feeling of freshness and brighten up the whole room. White is the best colour for reflecting light, which is why you will often find Scandinavian homes featuring it prominently. Daylight in winter is limited in the northern climes, so white maximises the little light that is available and makes the home feel fresh and bright during the summer.


Some items may be nice for the winter months when we want to feel warm and cosy, but in summer they can be a bit too heavy. Store away items such as logs and candles and replace them with flowers or colourful vases. If you have a fireplace that you use in the winter but not in the summer, you can transform it into a focal point and bring colour into your home by placing a large vase of flowers in front of it.


Summer is all about the light, and so you want to bring it into your home. Heavy curtains are great for keeping in the warmth during winter, but in summer they are no longer needed and will block out the light. You can replace them with airy or lacy curtains. Window shutters are another great way of letting the light into your home, while also providing some shade during the hottest part of the day. Window shutters are not only stylish, but they can also create a feeling of summer even when the summer is over. Shutters are also good at keeping in warmth during winter, and if you choose shutters that cover the lower half of the window, they can provide a good amount of privacy as well.


Wall hangings can also make your home feel more summery. Mirrors reflect light, so not only will they make a small room feel bigger, but they will also make the room feel brighter. Reflective materials will catch the light and add a little sparkle to your rooms. A glass chandelier or metallic surfaces are a good way of increasing the sparkle in your home.


You may not think about it much, but your flooring is the second largest surface in your home, and its colour can have a big effect on the feel of the room. Dark boards will suck up the light, but pale boards will reflect the light. If you choose light coloured flooring, this can make a room feel brighter. If you do not want to go as far as painting your floorboards white, then use a light coloured or bright coloured rug.

Even though the cold weather has started to set in, you can still find simple ways to keep summer alive in the home.

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