When it comes to investing, lack of knowledge with regard to how it’s done is what holds many people back from ever getting started. Unfortunately, veterans don’t often get the opportunity to learn about investing while serving their country. However, the good news is that learning how to invest isn’t as difficult these days as it was years ago. These days, there are several online resources designed to not only help you learn how to invest, but give you signals as to when and what to invest in. Today, I’ll share three of my favorite resources as an active investor. By using them, you too can learn how to invest like a pro!

Resource #1: anyoption Trading Blog


Anyoption is the world’s leading binary options trading platform; and arguably the platform that really got the ball rolling in the beginning of the industry. However, these days, anyoption is far more than a trading platform. It has grown to become one of the best educational resources for beginner and expert investors alike. Here’s a breakdown of what the anyoption blog has to offer…

  • Training Resources – The anyoption blog offers a wide range of training guides that are designed to turn the beginner trader into a pro as quickly as possible. The materials offered discuss everything from the basics of active trading and market analysis to detailed strategies that generate big gains for traders.
  • Trending News – As you start investing, you’ll learn that the market tends to move alongside trending news. For example, when Apple releases a new product, we tend to see gains in Apple stock. The anyoption blog offers compelling posts that surround real time events that are likely to make the market move.
  • Trading Signals – Every week day, anyoption offers a range of trading signals. These signals are designed to tell traders what’s trending and how to take advantage of it in the market; ultimately increasing their profitability.

Resource #2: StockTwits


Social trading has changed the world of investing. These days, through social trading websites, traders have the ability to quickly spot big movements in the market and capitalize on trends. One of my favorite resources to use for this is StockTwits; primarily because of what is called the Heat Map. The Heat Map at StockTwits is designed to show investors which assets other investors are talking about most; while displaying whether the trend is up or down as well as how big the gains or losses are. Through the platform, investors also have the opportunity to chat with other investors to learn about why moves in the market are happening.

Resource #3: Investopedia


Finally, Investopedia is another of my favorite resources for beginner traders. Investopedia offers “101 tutorials” that surround everything from the basic concepts involved in investing to strategies, risk management, loss exposure, and more. So, if you’re just getting started and want to learn the ropes, Investopedia is a great place to start!

Final Thoughts

Investing really is a relatively simple process once you’ve made it through the learning curve. While the three resources above are some of my favorites, they are not even the tip of the ice burg when it comes to the amount of available resources that are out there. So, if you’re looking to get started in investing, don’t let lack of knowledge hold you back! Take advantage of the free resources you’ll find online and learn to trade like a pro!

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