Downsizing is a popular option for many people these days. You may simply decide that you don’t need all that space, or you may want to get access to some extra cash after selling your larger property. Whatever your reasons for moving, when you arrive in your new home the shock of living in a smaller space can sometimes prove challenging. Here are some ways to get more from your smaller space after downsizing.

Space Case Design

Space Case Design

Increase the Feeling of Space

Even if you don’t have a large space to live in, you can still make it seem larger. Careful decoration decisions are one of the best ways to go about this.

Focus on using light colours to decorate the rooms in your home. Using white and neutral colours is a very simple way to make a small space seem larger, and it won’t take long to do.

Another classic trick is to use lots of mirrors. Hanging mirrors of different sizes around your home can create a sense of open space. If your home is quite dark, you may even want to add a window or two to let in more natural light and open the space up.

Use the Walls

Walls are often underused, but there is a huge amount of space here to take advantage of. The simplest solution is to put up lots of shelving. This has the added advantage of not taking up floor space like a shelving unit that comes down to the floor.

Shelves can be used for more than just ornaments. Use them to keep your CD and book collections out of the way while still keeping them on display. On the higher shelves, place the things you don’t need often to keep them out of the way.

Space­Saving Beds

Beds take up a lot of floor space, but there are solutions around this. The classic option is the bunk bed, but if you are downsizing because the children have left the nest, bunk beds may not be the best option.

Alternatives include pull­down beds that you can sleep on at night and then fold up into the wall during the day. Another option is to use a sofa bed, which can again save a lot of space, so look for possible bed solutions.

Other beds come with built­in storage so you can get more use out of them. If you don’t buy a bed with cupboards and drawers, under the bed is always a great place to store things so try to find some boxes that fit under the bed and roll out on wheels for easy access.

Open Up the Rooms

This is a larger job, but if you have some money left over from selling your larger property, this could be a good way to use it. If you have two very small rooms that make you feel cramped, you may want to knock down a wall or two to open up the space. For example, you could join the small living room to the tiny kitchen to create an open­plan design and enjoy more living space.

Get Creative with Furniture

If your space is limited, you will have to get creative about the furniture you buy. In the same way as you might choose a sofa bed to save space, consider the other options available. This could include chairs that double as storage units, or a table that opens up to a larger size for when guests come around. Constantly be on the lookout for clever designs that mean your furniture will not just look nice but will also have a purpose.

Keep On Top of Cleaning

Small spaces get cluttered up more quickly than large spaces. The simplest, but in many ways most effective technique is to keep your home tidy as much as possible. Don’t allow clutter to gather because it will quickly make your home feel cramped. Keep a check on it and free up the space and you’ll enjoy it more.

Be Comfortable in Your Smaller Space

Living in a smaller property has many benefits. Looking after a smaller property is easier, and that is why many people choose to downsize. However, it’s no good unless you are comfortable. So make sure you do everything you can to maximise the space available and enjoy downsizing without any discomfort.

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