I love holidays, How about you? Do you want to travel alone or with your special someone? I know you do, everybody does! In holidays we can have the vacation trip that we are planning to do ever since. We can travel, unwind and have a good time with our loved ones and friends. But wait! Before travelling there are certain issues that you might want to consider avoiding hassle and bustling in your much awaited holiday vacation. Such as your luggage, the things to be brought, budget and most importantly your safety and security at those places that you want to explore. So the most important thing to ask in case of travelling is… Are you insured? Do you know what’s right for you?, here are the types of Holiday Insurance that I found and hope it’ll be a great help to you and your family to be able to have a safe and happy trip.

First is the Medical/Emergency Insurance. A travel medical insurance or visitors health insurance plans covers medical expenses that happened because of accident or illness. For example your enjoying yourself too much on sightseeing in Spain and you did not notice the hole/sewer and fall into it ,or you sat on a broken chair on a restaurant in London and got injured, you’ll be thankful you have your medical coverage. Then there’s emergency evacuation coverage, its purpose is to cover you in case you need to be transported to a hospital. For example if you become injured while island hopping and you need a motor boat or helicopter. It’s typically included under medical coverage, but can also be purchased as a stand-alone policy. You can also have an accidental death, repatriation of remains and disablement insurance. This covers you on your flight over, back and at all times on the vacation.

Second is your Trip Protection Insurance, this has three purpose, It starts with trip cancellation. In the event that you need to cancel your trip due to illness, your companies that cover your expenses express bankruptcy or if a family member is sick or dies your prepaid expenses will be paid back. Next is the delay coverage which handles transportation delays. In delayed baggage an emergency replacement of essential items can be done, or your flight had been delayed because of a bad weather/typhoon and there are no flights going out for days, your prepaid hotel/lodge expenses are covered and emergency replacement of essential items can be done. The last type of cancellation coverage is trip interruption protection. If you get sick while away, or a family member became suddenly ill or dies, you’ll want an interruption policy.

Car Rental Protection or Luggage Insurance purpose is to cover rental car in the event of accident or stolen and/or to cover your damaged baggage, personal effects or travel documents.

All of the types of insurance I had give you above are all you need to have a “travel around the world experience with a secured, safe, relax and happy feeling” Enjoy your Holiday! Follow this link for more information

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