In the early days of the Internet most web surfers sat in front of a large computer screen, so it was easy for them to pick out the details that they were searching for. This has changed today as consumers have gone smaller and more mobile in the use of devices to surf the net. This means website owners have to adapt accordingly for these mobile Internet users. Tablets, iPads and smart phones are becoming the preferred option for the busy, wage earning consumer. As they are characterised by small screens, then responsive web site design is going to be necessary to reach these potential consumers.


Effective web design not only ensures your website looks attractive but it keeps your visitors engaged whatever device they are using to access your web pages.



  1. Your Words Should be Strong


Offering a responsive website design for all types of devices and screen sizes means it is crucial to ensure your pages can be read easily. That means using a font style that can be read well, whether it is small or large. Mixing fonts may be of use too.



  1. Good Images are Essential


Images must clearly relate to what your website is offering and blend in well with the written text. They must be high quality images that are easy to see, whether the screen is small or large.



  1. Easy Navigation is a Must


Visitors have to be able to find their way through your content with ease. Difficult navigation will mean visitors will leave your site quickly. Easy navigation will mean your visitors will be pleased and will stay. It is often necessary to use a more basic web design so that it is simpler and clearer for all screen and device types.



  1. Smaller Details are Important


According to Mint Digital Marketing  – your website’s small details can have a significant effect on your responsive design. Such technicalities as loading times can have an effect on visitor numbers. It might not be so difficult for a desktop computer using 4G or broadband, but for a phone user with a less stable Internet signal, the user is likely to get switched off while trying to load a site. You have to make sure that the visitor is exposed to an interactive display while the loading is taking place. Some sort of special effects that will hold the visitor or something as complex as a checkerboard fade.


  1. Creativity is important


There is no need to present a boring web site. Responsive design is entirely different and an expert web design company can go beyond the conventional static image that is still so often seen on web sites and can create some phenomenal design features. The suggestion here is to discuss responsive design with your web design company and ask them to put in some responsive design into your web site. A web site is not just a series of pages strung together but a living, vibrant entity.

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