True, the theme of this post might have already been published too many times! But… there’s a reason behind it, and it’s because people don’t seem to learn anything out of these kind of posts.

Nothing’s wrong with expressing yourself. Social media has become an effective outlet for self expression. However, it’s also good to acknowledge the thin line between sharing your thoughts and well, simply, overdoing it.



Just like everything else, these ones should be done in moderation:


1. You’re sooo much in love and you just can’t pick up your phone to text that special someone about how you feel. You just have to shout it to the world. Please, there are a lot of single, heartbroken, bitter individuals out there that you must consider.

2. How you look like in your “hashtag selfies” when you post one (or two or three…) every after two hours simply because the lighting in the bathroom is flattering.

3. Your breakfast. And your lunch, and dinner. C’mon, we know too well that you spent more time making it Instagram worthy than actually eating it.

4. Your “hashtag OOTD”. Don’t even get me started. Really? Every waking day?

5. You’re on a diet or going to the gym. If you’re so serious about it, you won’t even have the time to pause and document it on Facebook.


Remember, it’s nice to keep friends but not all of these friends are interested to know these things about you.

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